Certainty is a closing of the mind

Certainty is a closing of the mind

Certainty is a closing of the mind

March 16, 2019
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Listens to Jonathan Fields on Good Life Project, interviewing Milton Glaser. Interesting and thought-provoking, as these podcasts usually are. However, one thing stood out enormously in this episode:


I’ve spent so much of my life in certainty. Ridiculously so, and only to a certain degree can I attribute this stance to youth and ignorance. I kept up that attitude for too long, to the detriment of my own well being.

I am experimenting more and more with the latter though – the doubting, the questioning, the exploration of new thought, new ideas, new ways of being and doing. And boy, does it ever make for a much more fun and exciting life! There is so much to discover in life, and that’s the road I want to travel.

But still, there are things I am certain of, I guess. But they become fewer and fewer. And I no longer believe my beliefs are permanent. It feels more like I am where I am today, believing whatever I have come to realize by this point of life, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? I sure don’t.

What are you certain about?

This is a reposting of a blog post originally published on my other blog January 26th, 2014. 


  1. Tess March 17, 2019 13:40

    Helena – alltså ibland är det så sjukt synligt på dina blogginlägg….som denna. Jag behövde den verkligen idag igen. Sitter kvar i den där känslan av att vara “galen” enligt andra och ser nu att det är just där som jag kan växa. OM jag tillåter mig att tvivla på det hela.

    Tack finaste du!

    • Tess March 17, 2019 13:41

      Inte synligt utan “Synkigt”

    • Helena Roth March 20, 2019 21:27

      Så glädjande min vän att synkroniciteten är in full swing!
      Du är “galen” – och alldeles alldeles underbar just därför! 🙂


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