May 23, 2018
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GroundedThe vibrations from the drums keep on reverberating within me, even though the last beat faded away an hour and a half ago.
Am still riding the wave of the energy from the vibrations; what a wonderful feeling.

It’s as if all of a sudden, I’ve discovered a new world, a new dimension, the world of vibrations.

Setting an intention.
Heard. Voiced. Welcomed.

Receiving a clear message that this is to be embodied.
I need/crave/desire more body in my life.
It is where the direction I am pointed in.

The vibrations do just that, wake me up, body and soul, having me ride the waves of the drumbeats.
It’s all about energy.

Am all energy.

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  1. Mouschka May 26, 2018 22:19

    Så skönt & kort sagt. Yes! Shamanism ber os grunda & det tycker jag om! En hel praktisk teknologi 🙂
    Fint at kunne inspirera dig. Honored <3


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