August 20, 2019
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Synchronicity. Around… Friction.

On Akimbo.
In a conversation with D and C, a conversation you just might be privy to listening in on one of these days.
With my campfire sisters, as well as in my reflection with D on that conversation we had.

And now.
As my final words of the third Mastermind-session (of 13 total) that we just wrapped up, me and my four participants.

It makes the world move.
Without friction. No cars. No bikes. No nothing really.

We would possibly be sliding around haphazardly… might be fun. But it’s not what we have. Because we do have friction.

We even have two kinds.
There’s friction. And then there’s Friction with a capital F. Life-giving. The Friction that makes me grow, rather than just wear me down.

There’s form. And the formless.
For some, oh it’s a stretch to conform to form. Rules. Boundaries. That’s where the friction is at. Play with it. Work it. Use it. See what happens within the form.

For some, so the opposite. The formless, the vast expanse of endless possibilities. Nothing to hang onto, no given starting point. That’s where the friction is at. So play with that. Work it. Use it. See what happens within the formless.

Dance between them.
The Friction and the Frictionless. Between that which is such a stretch and that which is easypeasy.

As you dance – the event horizon for you and your relationship with the form and the formless will shift. Transform. Expand, ever onwards. Might it even constrict?

Yeah. I think it just might. And then… another transformation. Something born, which was always and already there, within you, you just had never opened that specific door within before.


  1. Charlotte August 21, 2019 10:16

    This was really deep. When am I form, when am I formless, what could take me to the other shape… what am I in the formless… Am what I consider as me even there… or do I melt in to something bigger than me…. This post is like a mediation, possible to dwell on for long… and I haven’t even come to friction yet…

    • Helena Roth August 22, 2019 12:56

      Look forward to hearing what awaken in you when you do come to the Friction-part. <3

  2. Dominic August 22, 2019 18:53

    “Without contraries, no progression ” said William Blake. We might stop to ponder the tyranny of the homogeneous ‘solution’, and the internal strife that follows in it’s wake. Life continues, simply, elegantly, without the distraction of sentimental moralising. The death of one nourishes the being of another. We might exchange death and being for chaos and order. Friction makes the dance, whether the foot grinds the floor or the groin against the temple door.

    • Helena Roth September 13, 2019 14:52

      Friction makes the dance, indeed. <3


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