How to relate to limits?

How to relate to limits?

How to relate to limits?

April 20, 2019
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How to relate to limits? My limits.
The boundaries that serve me versus the ones that stop my personal expansion as a human being.

A recent meeting that blew me out of the water, making me shatter my self-made box of limiting stories and beliefs. Writing about it. In that way that I write. Zoomed out and in at the same time, strangely impersonal yet enormously naked. I think? That’s how it feels to me. And that’s what matters, because, honestly, I have no idea what you pick up on, or not, how you react, or not. My style of writing is my style of writing.

So. Writing about it. Because that’s how I make sense of the world, of my world, how I learn and explore within myself. And yet. As I write, about this recent encounter, that has opened a new door to my universe, I cannot help but wonder… dare I? Dare I not dare?

To share or not to share, that is the question.

I’ve quite a few texts written that I’ve yet to share. Perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t.

Will these texts I am currently writing move in with these unpublished texts, or join the world in full view, with the rest of my 2000+ blog posts?

And no. I am not one to believe that I have to share everything. With everyone. Not anymore… I did. For a period around the turn of the millennia, that’s just what I did.

And at the same time, I find vulnerability in sharing what it’s like to be a human being in this day and age, is something I am drawn to. Regardless if I’m the one doing the sharing, or you.

What I’ve come to know is that when I share something completely raw to me, it’s not a good idea to share publicly. With close friends absolutely, friends whom I know will not sympathize but empathize. Once healing is underway and I’ve got a healthy distance to whatever caused my wound, my sharing might be of great help for others, besides for me. Because when my wounds are not open, raw and causing me acute pain, others do not have to manage me and my current state, but rather, can focus on what my sharing opened within themselves.

Yet. It’s as if I’ve yet to arrive, at whatever/where ever I am approaching. So I pause my writing and check my Facebook feed. Stumble across a post, on leaky boundaries vs clear ones. Baaam! Scroll at bit more, and come across yet another post, on baring ones’ soul while being a vessel for creativity. Putting oneself out there, to public display, not giving a hoot about the expectations of others. Swop tabs to LinkedIn, and slam dunk, post number three on being honest with what I feel and need, as opposed to interpretations and judgments, is right there in front of me.

Synchronicity in the making.
But what’s the message? Really, what am I being told here?

To share? To not share?

Somewhere… there’s still a nagging doubt within.
If I pick at it just a little, pick at the doubt, what I find behind it, is fear.
Fear of what a few select people might say or think.

So I pick at that just a little, pick at the fear, and what I find behind it… is…?

Belittling myself as well as those few select ones.

Now… how or who is that serving?


  1. Nathalie Sjögren April 20, 2019 21:27

    This is difficult, what to share and what not to share. I used to share a lot more than I do today. I only share something personal when I think it’s related to my business and what I do.

  2. Yvonne April 20, 2019 22:06

    Om jag delar något djupt personligt är det för att jag, som regel, vill dela en erfarenhet eller lärdom. Som förhoppningsvis kan vara till nytta eller hjälp för nån annan.

  3. Nån som jag April 20, 2019 22:22

    I’m not sure I completely understand you… But I have noticed that when I share something very personal, there are more people interested in reading what I have written. And I an not sure that is what I want. Curiosity, other peoples joy of sensation… Maybe I am suspicious… But I always try to write about personal things in a generic way.

  4. Malin Lundskog April 21, 2019 08:40

    Yes, that is a good question: to share or not to share! I always start my morning with writing. Writing my inner feelings and thoughts about them. Share them with my “writing buddy” whom I don’t know, and who never judges. Only sees me … That is one way of sharing. But to share publicly – that takes a lot more courage. However – when I do, I think the discussion that follows is so interesting and developing that most of the times it´s worth it …


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