I am a beginner.

I am a beginner.

I am a beginner.

October 8, 2019
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At long last, I switch from Mail to Spark on my MacBook, cheered on by Caspian. And all of a sudden, it’s as if I am a beginner again. Spark works differently than Mail, which in turned worked – and looked – like any other email-software I’ve used at least in the last ten years or so. Not a lot of changes, regardless if I’ve upgraded or changed the software I use to check my email.

But this…
Something else.
New functionality.
Completely different mindset compares to ”the old geezers” of email-software.
(And yes, Gmail has played around a bit with new functionality as well.)

So. I am a beginner. Having to start anew. Learn the new functions, how to navigate, archive and delete, how to sync my folders from Mail to here… or rather, the folders from my Exchange server that are visible in Mail but were nowhere to be found in Spark. Until I started to actually do the work of getting to know this new software.

Can be challenging. Especially if I am under the illusion of not having enough time, being stressed or at least so busy that every single new thing just feels like a burden.

And yet… oh how I love it. I love changes!
Love feeling like a rookie; it’s almost as if I can feel my neural pathways getting all confused, running around haphazardly up there (in my brain), until… slowly but steadily, the new neural pathways generated by my rookie-ness start to become solidified. By then, the old ones are starting to degenerate, and soon enough I will be a rookie at Spark no more.

Luckily, by then, I will have found something new to be a rookie at!


  1. Yvonne Bjerre October 8, 2019 09:07

    Känner precis igen mig. Motstånd, irritation, stress, nyfikenhet och rätt som det är har jag lärt det nya.

  2. Malin Lundskog October 8, 2019 20:15

    Yes, love (and sometimes don’t love) changes … But: why did you change?


    • Helena Roth October 8, 2019 21:42

      Haha – Caspian might be better suited to answer, but the short answer is: He says SPARK is the best email client around. Period. And as I’ve heard that from others AND I’ve had a need to schedule emails lately which is a function Spark does seamlessly and Mail doesn’t, I decided to change.


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