Pay as much as you want?

Pay as much as you want?

Pay as much as you want?

April 28, 2020
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It’s funny how the (or at least my) brain works. An event or two flashed before my eyes last night, scrolling my social media feed, and they used the Pay as much as you want-, Donation based-, or phrased differently Pay as much as you think it’s worth-strategy.

Upon waking, my brain told me there are two, or possibly three, rationals for using this strategy:

  1. It’s a truly generous move, one where the organizer wants everyone to be able to come, to experience, to participate, regardless of their financial means.
  2. It’s a chicken move, evoked as a way to skirt one’s own responsibility. Not wanting to, being able to, feeling comfortable with (or whatever reason there might be subconsciously) actually putting a price on one’s services. Not knowing what it might be worth to others it is so easy to simply let the others decide. But what does that tell you about your own belief in your product/service? How much do you value you?
  3. A combination of the two where there is a genuine desire to be open for all, and yet getting away with it… One way to avoid this is to do Donation based with an added indication of what is going rate.

What do you see with these strategies, that I don’t?

That’s how my brain works.
How does your work?

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  1. Charlotte May 4, 2020 10:20

    Well. to me donation-based signals black money … and I don’t like it. It’s sort of like I give the person a gift, and that we will then surpass the taxes.
    And parts of me gets really annoyed, scared and pissed of by “pay what you want/thin it´s worth” because I want to be generous, and I have no idea what that means for the person organizing an event or so. And I want o have some sort of clue around that, big parts of me wants to pay “the right amount”, and not been seen as stingy.
    So I really don’t know if this strategy comes from generosity, or from something else. I prefer fixed prices, I guess.


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