Say w h a t?

Say w h a t?

Say w h a t?

June 21, 2020
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All of a sudden, I have at least four posts to write, where I know precisely what they will be about.

Say w h a t?

Yeah, I know.
For me, this is an oddity, an outlier. I normally sit down, and something shows up, which I then write about. Or, I start writing something, but it turns into something else, through a process I cannot describe, but one which my system knows full well, as it’s run often enough.

But now, I have a post on a book to write, one on generosity, one with a limerick gifted to me, and then one on today’s Zoom-call with my tankespjärn-community (which in itself is a post containing a multitude of spin-off-posts).

This means… if I sit down to write all these, I would be ahead of the game by at least four days. If I still stick to writing each day, that would get me halfway to the goal I’ve had for a while, of being approximately a week ahead of myself. Being ahead by a week or so has the added perk of me being able to re-visit written-but-not-yet-published pieces, tweaking and trimming them if need be.

But first… an hour of two of gardening!

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.


  1. Charlotte Cronquist June 22, 2020 11:18

    To be able to have some free time this summer I have preproduced my “tantratips” until mid-august, as a way of letting go of stress, that might have come otherwise.

  2. Malin Lundskog June 22, 2020 15:47

    Say what?!!!!

    I plan to have a plan. I find things to write about all the time. I write titles down. Everywhere … and then I forget them 🙂

    So, plan is to be ahead of myself, but i almost always end up being … after? Or right on time?


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