Advent Calendar 15 – It’s on me!

Advent Calendar 15 – It’s on me!

December 15, 2018
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I screwed up.

The screw up has consequences, for me as well as others, involving time, effort and money.

And it’s on me. I take full responsibility for it because I screwed up.
Of course, I could blame other people. For not being more observant. For not informing me. For whatever…

But I don’t. It’s on me.
I wasn’t observant enough. I didn’t ensure I was informed enough.
It’s. On. Me.

And guess what?
That feels good.
Taking responsibility for what I did, feels great, actually.

And it also helps me to accept what has happened. Thereby I avoid wasting my energy on banging myself over the head for what I did. Thoughts like You dumb idiot, Helena, how stupid you are? Why on earth didn’t you stop this from happening? pop into my head, sure. But why waste time and energy entertaining this and similar thoughts? Thoughts that don’t serve me or anyone else, in any way, what so ever. Because it has happened. I cannot undo it, however much I try.

I can learn from it though. Take steps to ensure it will not happen again. Cast a wider net on the screw up; perhaps my learnings from today can be utilized in other types of situations?

All in all, accepting and taking responsibility for what happened, it is the most gentle thing I can do.

Advent Calendar 2018 – number 15 of 24 – on the theme of being gentle.

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Advent Calendar 4 – What is is.

December 4, 2018
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What is is.

And how I relate to what is is a large determinant on how much energy I have left for creations, let alone for living my life.

I can fight what is, which in essence means waisting my energy without getting anything of value in return.

Or I can accept what is, and use my energy in a way that serves me (and those around me).

I’ve struggled with this concept myself – because I had the sense that I would be like a doormat if I ‘accepted what is’. But I don’t view it like that anymore. Far from it – because by accepting what is means I have more energy left to do something with  it might be that I want something else to be ‘what is’ in the future, or perhaps not at all related to ‘what is’. In either case, I am not wasting my energy fighting against that which is.

Advent Calendar 2018 – number 4 of 24 – on the theme of being gentle.

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