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How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

March 6, 2020
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Rinse and repeat…
Sitting on the train, drinking my green smoothie.
That I remembered to bring with me, as opposed to yesterday.

I never did remember to text Pernilla asking for breakfast, but what happened turned into the perfect continuation of my early morning flow and dance. I got to her place, told her I needed breakfast, and she suggested we go horseback riding instead of working, as we have a full day working together next week, and there was nothing pressing that needed to be done.

So I took her puppy for a quick walk, P fixed us some breakfast, and then we headed off to the stables for an hour of riding in the forest. Absolutely lovely!

There are endless opportunities each and every day. Of having fun. Of doing something surprising, something out of the ordinary, something not usually done. Of showing up, and responding to what shows up.

How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

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The self-care mastery of cats

November 3, 2018
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What are you thinking about?, I asked.

He looked at Pop the cat lying next to him on the sofa, carefully grooming himself, and said I am thinking about the self-care of cats. They are absolute masters at self-care. Look at him – carefully, meticulously and with the greatest care in the world, he’s gently taking really good care of himself. Licking his front leg, over and over, slowly brushing his leg over his face, licking once more, brushing his face. He, like all cats, simply excels at self-care.

That’s it.
That is what cats are, the self-care masters of the world!

I greatly enjoy watching Pop when he wakes up in the morning (often at the foot end of my bed, where he gladly can stay the entire night – never too long in one place, in one position, knowing, albeit he’s deep in sleep, that his body still needs to move to be supple in the morning), slowly stretching, growing to twice his length by reaching as far as he can with both front and hind legs. Twisting and turning his spine, getting vertebraes, blood, muscles and sinews going – mimicking Turning Torso, or rather, giving a perfect example of why Calatrava called his building just that.

And as I sit here, in the sofa once more (yes. I like my sofa.), guess who just came to snuggle up close to me? Yup, Pop the cat. And guess what he’s doing? Yup, practicing self-care! He’s a great role model, and an even greater reminder for me to practice self-care, as he’s around a lot (which he is because he’s a truly sociable cat, enjoying the company of people young and old alike).

My morning green smoothie, my Seven, my Headspace-meditation, my blogging, my reading, my moving around – a walk, a bike ride, a slow run. Those are the self-care-practices that come to mind, when I think about it. Having deep conversations with significant friends is another one, that is high on the list.

What type of self-care do you practice? And who is your guiding light, your role model, reminding you about taking good care of yourself?


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