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Doing gentle – 34 – Love yourself. 

Doing gentle – 34 – Love yourself. 

September 4, 2016
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Here’s an important one:

Love yourself.

Do you? Do you know how to?

I do. Today I do love myself. And I have for the past couple of years. But I am still experimenting with how to do love for me. What does that entail, really? what does it mean? What is it that I do, or avoid doing, because I come from a place of self-love? That’s something I am uncovering, step by step, moment by moment. A joyful yet somewhat awkward journey at times.

Now. If you don’t love yourself, I’m gonna suggest you fake it.
If you think it’s hard to love yourself, fake it.
If you don’t think you deserve it, fake it.


I did just that. I faked it for a long time, until finally, I saw I really did. And when I became aware that I truly love myself, that there’s no fixing necessary, I am loved, I am love, and I am worthy of it, the world exploded in a love bubble!

And as the realization sank in, I understood that my faking it was a help along the way. It prepared the ground, made me ready for the real deal. I had been talking for years on end about the importance of love. How love is the answer. That love is all there is, and that coming from a place of love makes such a difference to how I experience love. And then I got it. Really. Fully. One hundred percent. G o t  i t!


And then I could sort of keep on doing and saying the things I’d already practiced for so long, but now being totally genuine in it. Talking about the importance of coming from a place of love, and coming from a place of love, makes a difference. For me. And for those I interact with. And I know we all have the innate capability to come from a place of love. That’s there from the moment we first draw breath.

So love yourself. You are worthy of nothing less than that!

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In a love bubble!

June 17, 2016
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Today I turn fortyfour.

Fortyfour years ago I was born, drew my first breath of air and started on a journey that’s taken twists and turns I never could have dreamed of. But they did. And I am both happy and grateful for that, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. And right now, right here, is where I want to be. I love life. Truly love it. I am wrapped in a love bubble that is in constant expansion, encompassing more and more with each passing moment.

The day started with hubby and kids singing prettily for me, with candle light and the divine scent of the Helenae rose. And once I got out of bed, the day has been mine. I’ve spent the entire day with my beloved family, and they literally bathed me in love. We went swimming, ate falafel, went to the movies and watched Me after you *and boy did I ever cry my heart out*, watched the soccer game between Sweden and Italy while munching on cherries and apricots before eating birthday dinner, made my hubby and kids while I took a love bath on social media.kvällsblomma

Because, yes. I reside within a love bubble. For real. The world exploded in a love bubble during the final weekend of Supercoach Academy, and since then it’s fluctuated a bit. Never fully gone from my senses; sometimes very apparent, and once in a while a tad harder to pick up on. But now. It’s never been clearer to me than now. And never have I felt so aligned within my Self, as right now, something my wonderful coach Carla mirrored back at me in our coaching session earlier this week.

Thank you all for being a part of my world – those I brush up against on a daily basis as well as those I more seldom brush up against, but whom are never the less there.

Thanks for meeting me in a world of love, concern, generosity and wholeheartedness.

Thanks for all the love! <3

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