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Mend, Recycle, Sell/Donate

Mend, Recycle, Sell/Donate

July 4, 2020
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In 2015 I did a ”cleanse for expansion”-project while attending Michael Neill’s 90 days online Create the impossible-workshop. I aimed to go through and organize everything –my physical space (home) as well as my digital one(s)– and blog daily about it. The latter I did, the former I didn’t quite manage, but not far from it, especially not with regards to my physical space.

Now and again, thoughts of doing some type of repeat pop up, and even though I haven’t committed to it, a month ago I started to envision actually doing a big thorough cleaning of each and every room in the house again. Cleaning, while also sorting, ensuring I only keep and have things I truly want and need. Donating/Selling/Dumping the rest.

Today, as the weather was anything but gardening-friendly, I started. (Writing it here, I realize that’s what I did. At the time, I didn’t see the connection, but hey… why not consider this project started?) I took out everything from my wardrobe. Cleaned it out thoroughly, only put back what I want to use, piling the rest in one of three categories: Mend, Recycle, Sell/Donate.

But, alas, far from being a place only for clothes, I also had jewelry, and old glasses, an old computer and a bunch of old USB-memory sticks (great fun, loads of old photos on them, from 2011 onwards!), bed linen, old passports and a whole bunch of books that I’ve bought to give away in the wardrobe.

It feels good having gotten my wardrobe in order.
And that’s generally the feeling I had when I did my impossible-project, so yeah. I do want to go through my stuff again. It’s time. Since 2015 I’ve been quite good at not buying more stuff, but you know, it sort of builds up anyway. Tomorrow, perhaps the bookcase in my bedroom? Having started in there, I might just continue? Otherwise, the pantry is a good contender, it needs a good purge along with the rest of the kitchen!

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With or against the natural flow of things?

May 22, 2020
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Thinking about the difference between working hard versus efforting, I am reminded of a story about surfing that I first heard Michael Neill share at Supercoach Academy in 2014.

Doing hard work, going deep within, giving it ones all and showing up, is similar to what a skilled surfer does. She paddles out to sea, spots a wave coming in, positions the board and starts to paddle like craaaaazy, in order to be at the right spot at the right time, ready to go with the flow, be lifted by the wave, using all the energy the universe is throwing at her to move forward.

Paddling out to sea requires a lot of energy, paddling to be in position for the wave does too, and even riding that wave and keeping her balance requires energy. But it’s all in the flow of what is already and always there, underneath, above, below, in front…

Now. Imagine this surfer trying to work a g a i n s t the flow of the water. Paddling in the opposite direction when the wave is coming. Now that would be efforting, or trying too hard, or, phrasing it differently, not working with what is already there. Working against it, rather than using it to be lifted high on top of that wave crest.

Trying too hard – efforting – has me working against nature, against that which wants to help me, to assist me, to have me spot the flow of things.

That’s one way to spot the difference between working hard versus efforting. There is, always and already, a natural flow of energy in everything. And life can be hard enough, without me going against the natural flow of things. So I try not to.

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.
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Show up and respond to what shows up

November 24, 2018
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During Supercoach Academy, more than once, Michael Neill told me and my fellow classmates the two secrets to coaching (and life):

  1. Show up
  2. Respond to what shows up

Nah, I hear you saying. It can’t be that simple. 

Why not?
I mean – what if it truly is that simple?

Showing up (present. Fully present) and responding to what shows up.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This coach (and life) motto was the topic of a Facebook live I recently streamed:

FB Live #5 – Showing up – two rules! 🎯

FB Live #5 – Showing up as a coach (and as a human being)!Sharing two rules for coaching (as well as being a human being).https://helenaroth.com/#BusinessBoomUtmaning

Publicerat av Helena Roth Måndag 5 november 2018

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Team Underdog!

November 27, 2017
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The Center for Sustainable Change is a non-profit whose mission is to establish and support a collaborative world-wide network of individuals and groups who are introducing the understanding of MindConsciousness and Thought via locally-led community change initiatives. Since 2015, I’m on the Board of Directors of the Center, which has been quite the journey, I must say. I am the only non-American on the board at the moment, but I also believe I am the person with the least amount of experience into the world of US non-profit’s (and yes, the two are most definitely linked in my mind). Anyway, it’s time for the annual fundraiser and Terri Alamo, the new CEO formerly known to me and many others as one of the magic elf’s of Michael Neill, asked if I wanted to play Top Dog, where whoever raises the most funds for the Center will be awarded the designation of TOP DOG.

I said yes, and immediately realized I have an optimal team-name, as I truly feel like an Underdog in this contest! So, Team Underdog it is, and hey – I’d like to challenge you to help me – the underdog – become top dog! It’s simple and you can help me win this very prestigious award, support a good cause and have a bit of fun in the process in multiple ways. The first one is to donate which can be done here: https://centerforsustainablechange.org/donate. Be sure to put TEAM UNDERDOG in the comment box.

Team Underdog

I’d also be very happy if you’d help me share the message that the annual fundraiser is in full swing, and that all donations made before December 15th when the contest ends will be matched by a generous board member so even the smallest amount will make a difference, and every little bit counts a long way!

So please, help this underdog-Swede become TOP DOG in the Center for Sustainable Change Annual Fundraiser. Visit https://centerforsustainablechange.org/donate and make a donation. Put TEAM UNDERDOG in the comment box.
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