With or against the natural flow of things?

With or against the natural flow of things?

May 22, 2020
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Thinking about the difference between working hard versus efforting, I am reminded of a story about surfing that I first heard Michael Neill share at Supercoach Academy in 2014.

Doing hard work, going deep within, giving it ones all and showing up, is similar to what a skilled surfer does. She paddles out to sea, spots a wave coming in, positions the board and starts to paddle like craaaaazy, in order to be at the right spot at the right time, ready to go with the flow, be lifted by the wave, using all the energy the universe is throwing at her to move forward.

Paddling out to sea requires a lot of energy, paddling to be in position for the wave does too, and even riding that wave and keeping her balance requires energy. But it’s all in the flow of what is already and always there, underneath, above, below, in front…

Now. Imagine this surfer trying to work a g a i n s t the flow of the water. Paddling in the opposite direction when the wave is coming. Now that would be efforting, or trying too hard, or, phrasing it differently, not working with what is already there. Working against it, rather than using it to be lifted high on top of that wave crest.

Trying too hard – efforting – has me working against nature, against that which wants to help me, to assist me, to have me spot the flow of things.

That’s one way to spot the difference between working hard versus efforting. There is, always and already, a natural flow of energy in everything. And life can be hard enough, without me going against the natural flow of things. So I try not to.

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Present to the nature of beauty.

April 25, 2019
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They were not there.
Buds. Yes. Open flowers. No.

They are here.
In all their splendor.
Absolutely magnificent.

Taking it in?
Or missing out?

The nature of beauty.
The beauty of nature.

Whichever way you look at it; magnificence!

Some years ago I was – suddenly – present to the nature of beauty.
Present to the beauty of nature

As I took that walk, I was floored by awe.
Over. And. Over. Again.

Since then, this sensation is nearer to me.
I am here, more often than there.
Gratitude. For having been awakened to it all.

Close my eyes, and feel into it.
The cavity of my chest filled with absolute awareness.
From the bottom of my soul, from the depth of my every atom…
Awareness of all that is.
And love.

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Chasing coral

August 17, 2017
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When the soon-to-be-eighteen year old tells me “Mom, tonight you’re gonna watch Chasing coral, and I will watch it again with you.” it’s hard to resist. So I didn’t.

We got comfortable on the sofa, and pressed PLAY on Netflix. But a few minutes in, I gasped in chock, when they visited a coral reef in Florida, and was told how much remained of a specific species, compared to the amount of them around in 1975, when a survey had been done. The chocking answer: 0.01 %.

Hooked, I watched in rapture, and horror as well, and there were more graspable moments, as well as quite a few that brought tears to my eyes. This one for instance, showing the death of a piece of coral, from dying (to the right, image showing bleached coral) to completely dead (to the left, only the coral skeleton remains, overgrown by algae), in but a few months time:

Chasing coral

As the end credits were rolling, singing along to Kristen Bells original song Tell me how long, I am left with the sensation of being dumbfounded. I just c a n n o t grasp how far the human species have drifted away from the understanding that we are not separate from Nature. We are a part of it. And when we harm such a vital part of our global eco system as the coral reefs are, we are harming ourselves. Severely. That, if nothing else, should be a wake-up call of massive proportions, should it not?

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