Advent Calendar 18 – Make a great day!

Advent Calendar 18 – Make a great day!

December 18, 2018
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When I first met Inga-Lill, now a close friend of mine, I heard her say Make a great day. It made me aware of the difference between Have and Make. Have a great day, is more passive, where as Make a great day, is active, and gives me power forward. It makes me more aware of my own power to create my day, to act with intention, and to take my responsibility to ensure my day is great.

The difference is in the words… or rather, in the meaning I put on them. The difference, for me, between have and make, might not be the same for you.

I got a comment on my daily Facebook Live where I spoke about this (in Swedish). The gist of it: it’s nice to be able to move between having and making. Sometimes, to lean back and wait for the day to unfold, seeing what it will offer. Other times, to more actively create one’s day.

And I totally agree! Sometimes I don’t want to make my day, just letting myself have it. But I don’t want to presume what others might want or need, so generally, I do go for Make when I greet people or bid them farewell. A Make a great day! also tends to jolt people out of their habitual state of not-being-fully-present. Make a great day is still uncommon enough, that most have never heard it. Had I said Have a great day! I am sure many would not have given it a second thought. But when I say Make a great day! I know from experience and the response it generates, that most people do give it a second thought. And that short pause – of truly noticing what was said – might be the difference that makes a difference to ensure that is a day made great.

Advent Calendar 2018 – number 18 of 24 – on the theme of being gentle.

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Doing gentle – 28 – Pause

July 24, 2016
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Allow yourself a pause, and let yourself really feel if the road ahead is the one for you. Sometimes, that’s what we need. A pause. When it’s not time to make a decision, either way. When it’s a time for pausing, and catching up with yourself. I have had times when I’ve been swaying back and fro between This or That. Never really been able to put my finger on which one it should be…. Thinking I made up my mind, only to regret it, and stay in indecisiveness for days, perhaps weeks on end. Until the time is suddenly there. When the decision is made, and you just know, that you’ve made the right decision. Or possibly, that the decision made you.

pauseI think, we forget to grant us this pause sometimes. We push and push and have loads of intellectual arguments about why we need to make the decision, and preferably yesterday. But it won’t be the right one, the one best serving you, if you push it into existence. Let it come. Because it will. When it’s time. And in order to let it come, you just might have to let go of something else. You just might have to let go of the logical reasons why you should make the decision, perhaps let go of the opportunity in front of you, because it’s not time. If the decision doesn’t sit in you, all of you, your true Self, it won’t be right. It’s not time.

So let yourself pause, when pause is what comes up for you. When the times comes to make a move, you’ll know. That inner, very quiet and gentle voice, guiding you, with a soft yet very firm hand, in the direction your life is supposed to take.

Allow yourself the pause!

Welcome to my humble abode, where the underlying tone centers around being gentle to oneself. On Sundays I share thoughts on how I do gentle, and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe to updates so you won’t miss out on future posts in this series.

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