Buddhas by the roadside

Buddhas by the roadside

April 7, 2020
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I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in complete rapture listening to Dominic tell a story, or debunk a book, or guide me through a connection of dot’s that I wasn’t anywhere near connecting. More than once, I’ve wished I were recording it, wanting to share his insights, his wisdom, his deep knowledge of more areas on human existence on Earth than I can name.

Then there’s Caspian. Such a dear friend of mine, popping ideas right and left, and generously inviting me to tag along for the ride. Wise well beyond his years and yet, young enough to introduce new vistas of human existence in my life in a completely different way to how D does it, and never shy of telling me when I am off base in one or another way.

I love them both and love spending time with them. And since the fall of 2019, we’ve been doing just that, recording our conversations. However, we’ve never really gotten around to figuring out how to put this out there, or when… and then: Global pandemic strikes.

And there are no people I would rather sit with, talk with, engage with and receive tankespjärn from, than these two. So, that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve recorded a number of conversations, which all have the corona-virus as a common denominator, but let me tell you, these conversations take the most wondrous routes, passing through such topics as Process Work, salt and slavery, the economy of Modern Man, Georgism and the Commons, and so much more.

And we said, sod it. Let’s not figure out precisely how to put this out there, let’s just do it. So that’s what we’ve done. The Corona Conversations by Buddhas by the roadside, are available on most pod players (or will be very shortly, I know Anchor and Spotify are up edit: now on Apple/Podcasts, and the rest are soon to follow!), and I would urge you to take a listen. Start with the one from March 14th, 2020, because that’s where we started this. And then – well. It’s up to you. Keep listening, or turn us off, your choice. But at least, give us a listen, at least if you are ready for some serious tankespjärn!

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One grain of salt

November 22, 2017
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dance walking down the street”I have tried to learn in my writing a monastic lesson I could probably not have heard otherwise: to let go of my idea of myself, to take myself with more than one grain of salt.”

Yes. The more grains of salt the better, in my experience. Learning, slowly, steadily, bit by bit, to not take myself so seriously, oh boy, what a difference that makes for the way I experience that which is my life. Allowing me to laugh at myself. Making it much easier to step up and own the responsibility of what I do – or omit to do. Asking for forgiveness, when I’ve failed someone. But also to feel, to rejoice, laugh, cry and dance my heart out, yeah, I’ll even gladly, with a smile upon my face, go dance walking down the streets of town! (That’s one link I’d love for you to check out – it will take you to YouTube, where you’ll see for yourself!)

Best of all? I know there’s so much more for me to experience as I learn to take myself with yet another grain of salt!

Inspired to continue blogging on the theme from the #blogg100-challenge in 2017 I give you:
The book ”Echoing silence: Thomas Merton on the vocation of writing” edited by Robert Inchausti.

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