Listening within

Listening within

January 2, 2019
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Sitting down.
On the sofa.
After a very productive day.

Did the daily rituals, and the preparations for a 3-week course I am holding starting next week, and took a bike ride, and spent time with the eldest (soon off to Australia for the better part of a year. Better make the most of the time that’s left!), and started a new knitting project (Delightful, the shawl), and filled in the forms for an insurance claim, and, and, and…

Only to stop. Suddenly.
Realizing I’ve hardly breathed all day. All year.
2019 started off with me high on energy, like a Duracell bunny, going, going, going, going, going…

And I love it. I enjoy being high on energy. But I also love to reset myself. When I let me just be. Listening within… I breathe in. Out. In. Out.

Close my eyes and let myself sink into Now. Here. The isness of life.

All the books I want to read this year (no less than 75), the blog posts I want to write (all 365 of them), the burpees I want to make (a burpee a day keeps the doctor away), the meditations I want to do (Headspace ftw), the runs I want to run (no less than 75, same as for the books), the Pokémons I want to catch, the bike rides I want to take, the dates I want to have, the laughs and the cries I want to have, the podcasts I want to listen to…

It’s all there. In the future.
As it should be.
But right now, I can let it all go, and just be. Right here. Right now.
(Because Now is all there really is.)
No musts. No wants even.
Only the soft inhalation making my body expand, followed by the equally soft exhalation, body contracting.
Like the waves of the ocean, gently lapping the pebbled beach.

Listening within I pick up on the message, spoken in a low and gentle whisper:
It’s time to go to bed. Rest. Recharge. Reset.

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My Gerbera!

August 16, 2016
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I’ve had the most wonderful summer project, which had me join a knit-along, the Organic Summer KAL16 organized by Organic Knitters. You can find beautiful photos of the shawl, Gerbera, a pattern created by Linnea Ornstein, under the hashtag #OrganicSummerKAL16, on Instagram.

Gerbera 1
Gerbera 2
Gerbera 3
Gerbera 4

Gerbera done

I bought two skeins each of the yarn Cheeky Merino Joy from Rosy Green Wool, in the colors Wild mallow and Arctic sea (the chosen yarn) and here you can see the progress of this project, as I started, unravelled, started again, got a bit further, unravelled again and so on… until finally I bought some knitting markers, and was able to get my bearings in the pattern, which was more complicated than I’ve ever knitted before. And given that I have hardly knitted at all in two decades or so, I am very proud and happy about the process and end result!

Quite amazing, isn’t it, that a piece of yarn, knitting needles and two hands can create something as beautiful as this?


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