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How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

March 6, 2020
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Rinse and repeat…
Sitting on the train, drinking my green smoothie.
That I remembered to bring with me, as opposed to yesterday.

I never did remember to text Pernilla asking for breakfast, but what happened turned into the perfect continuation of my early morning flow and dance. I got to her place, told her I needed breakfast, and she suggested we go horseback riding instead of working, as we have a full day working together next week, and there was nothing pressing that needed to be done.

So I took her puppy for a quick walk, P fixed us some breakfast, and then we headed off to the stables for an hour of riding in the forest. Absolutely lovely!

There are endless opportunities each and every day. Of having fun. Of doing something surprising, something out of the ordinary, something not usually done. Of showing up, and responding to what shows up.

How much fun are you willing to let yourself have?

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Prove my worth?

February 28, 2020
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Noticing myself getting wound up. In a meeting. Where my professionalism is being questioned, albeit subtly so. Or at least, that is my perception. That’s the tone of my inner dialogue.

Do I need to prove my worth?
Do I need to prove my professionalism?
Do I need to prove the questioner wrong? 

In the moment, that’s sure what it feels like. 

But after a few deep breaths…

I land.
I am grounded.
And the answer is No.

I know.
My worth. My professionalism.
That there is no Right or Wrong in this instance (how seldom there are!), and hence, I need not prove anything. It is enough for me to simply show up and respond to what shows up.

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Show up and respond to what shows up

November 24, 2018
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During Supercoach Academy, more than once, Michael Neill told me and my fellow classmates the two secrets to coaching (and life):

  1. Show up
  2. Respond to what shows up

Nah, I hear you saying. It can’t be that simple. 

Why not?
I mean – what if it truly is that simple?

Showing up (present. Fully present) and responding to what shows up.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This coach (and life) motto was the topic of a Facebook live I recently streamed:

FB Live #5 – Showing up – two rules! 🎯

FB Live #5 – Showing up as a coach (and as a human being)!Sharing two rules for coaching (as well as being a human being).

Publicerat av Helena Roth Måndag 5 november 2018

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