Time enough.

Time enough.

June 8, 2019
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Going home. Happy I chose the slow route. A full eight hours to let the experiences of the past two days settle within, integrate, solidify. 

Time enough for soul and body to catch up with each other. 

Time enough for mind and heart to digest the richness of these past few days. 

Time enough for me to revel in remembrance, letting my heart overflow with the joy and gratitude that comes with living life at its fullest. 

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Have you thanked God for this failure already?

April 3, 2019
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Podclub coming up. Making/Creating is the theme.
Seth Godin, Milton Glaser, and then… not a pod at all, but a short clip on YouTube of Arvo Pärt giving a commencement speech. Sitting on the bus early in the morning, I press play, and then…

Have you thanked God for this failure already?

God bumps and tears in my eyes.
Absolutely captivated.

The most sensitive musical instrument is the human soul. The next is the human voice.
One must purify the soul until it begins to sound. 

These words.
But more than that… the way he says it…
Riveted, I shiver, from the power, the passion, the heartfelt and intense sincerity.

God knits man in his mother’s womb, slowly and wisely.
Art should be born in a similar way.

The video ends and my bus reaches its final destination.
I gather my things, wrap my coat around me and step – newborn – off the bus. Onto the ground.

Feeling vulnerable.

Hello world. Please.
Be gentle. Embrace me. Gently.
That’s what I need. Want.

The criterion must be, everywhere and only, humility.

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#blogg100 – The jewels of our soul.

March 11, 2017
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”We should take care so that we will lose none of the jewels of our soul. We must begin, now, to reject the white, either/or system of dividing the world into unnecessary conflict. For example, it is tragic and ridiculous to choose between Malcolm X and Dr. King: each of them hurled himself against a quite different aspect of our predicament, and both of them, literally, gave their lives to our ongoing struggle. We need everybody and all that we are.”

Rebecca Solnit quotes June Jordan, poet and polemicist, in Hope in the dark.

We should take care so that we will lose none of the jewels of our soul, because we need everybody and all that we are.

There is a place for either/or. Definitely. But we’ve done it, more or less constantly, for a really long time. So what if we at least try to meet the world from a both/and-perspective instead? Just  for a while. A day, a year, a century, a millennia? What if we try something else, something different, from what has gotten us here?

Because. We need both/and now. Humanity does. It needs the jewels of our souls – the jewels of my soul. And yours! You have them, you are aware of that, yes?
I have them too. And I am aware of them. Now. Today.
Five years ago – less so.
Twenty years ago – not a chance in hell that I would have seen, let alone recognized them!

We need everybody and all that we are!
Can you picture a world that is actually based on that foundation? Centered in that worldview – where my way, is my way. And your way, yours. And together, we complement each other, and enhance, enrich, enliven all that is and can be.

be you

I need you, to be all that you are, because that’s the invite to me, to be all that I am.
You need me, to be all that I am, because that’s the invite to you, to be all that you are.
Helping each other to treasure, and make the most of, the jewels in our souls.

#Blogg100 challenge in 2017 – post number 11 of 100.
The book “Hope in the dark” by Rebecca Solnit.
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