The trick is knowing when

The trick is knowing when

June 10, 2020
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I am a good trainer/teacher, with a knack for making my passion for things shine through, even for people who really aren’t that interested in the topic to start off with. And yet, you bet there is more for me to learn in this arena.

There is a time and a place for everything though.
The trick is knowing when.

And my moment to learn more about becoming an even better trainer/teacher is not now.

What it is time for right now, is to watch an episode of Vikings (new season released on Netflix, yeah, my weekend is set!), patting myself over the shoulder for a training well done today (2 hours of Basic GMP for Builders).

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.
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Stimulating ventures get my creative juices going

March 11, 2020
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Riding my bike to the train station this morning I had a thought.

I’ve regained my joy in writing.
I haven’t had this much fun writing for the past year, or so!

I know full well what’s sparked my renewed thrill with writing – attending The Creative’s Workshop, and being a part of such a generous and caring community –, and that had me do a double-take. In hindsight, I’ve not partaken in (enough) stimulating ventures, which, apparently and not surprising at all, get my creative juices going.

That’s an important realization for me.
I enjoy it.
I thrive off it.
I am more creative on account of it.

And luckily enough, it’s completely in my own hands. I can jump in, or get out of, stimulating ventures at any time. There’s no end to the number of exciting, exploratory, engrossing workshops, courses, pieces of training I can attend. No end!

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I ready myself thus

March 7, 2020
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With two days of training ahead of me, I ready myself thus:
Close my eyes.
Hands in lap.
Breathe consciously.
Turn my focus towards listening for that which I don’t already know.

That’s where potential #tankespjärn resides.
And that’s what I am looking for. Always and already.

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