The never-ending story of the questioning mind.

The never-ending story of the questioning mind.

The never-ending story of the questioning mind.

July 5, 2020
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I blog every day.
(Just like Seth.)
Is it too much, though?

Resistance speaking? Fear? Not wanting to be too much?
(But I ”am” too much. And quite happily so.)

Who else publishes something daily?
Do you ever fear it’s ”too much to handle” for your audience?
Would you change, if it was?

For me, it’s simply the easiest way to do stuff. Daily.
(The Upholder in me nods and chimes in: I get such a kick out of run streaks as well!)

But I haven’t had a lot of people subscribing to my blog before, and now, more and more are trickling in, which makes me truly happy. And… fearful. For the above-mentioned reason.

(Oh, I know why, that’s simply the way the mind works. Thoughts come and go, and some of them sort’a makes an imprint, has me dive deep into the rabbit hole…)

Honest to God, I don’t read every post Seth publishes. I get the emails, and read some. Save them, to read later, and when there’s too many, I simply delete them instead. Unread.

So if you (imaginary subscriber of my blog) do the same, that’s perfectly fine.
I hope you read some, of course, but there’s no expectation from me that you read the lot.

But should I take that, and turn it into a rational for not writing daily? If I post 3 days a week, would more people read more of the posts then? Or weekly?


It doesn’t sit right.

But who knows, perhaps, once day, it might?
Or I’ll simply get fed up with writing/publishing daily, and I’ll start to ponder whether or not I write too seldom…

And on and on it goes.
The never-ending story of the questioning mind.

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.


  1. Sara Modig July 5, 2020 15:24

    Oh, that questioning mind. Recently I’ve likened it to my brain’s own Le Mans. You know, the race tracks where the cars just race round and round and round…

    If you are to adjust your publishing to your imagined readers, then you might be in for some even trickier turns. Because – what reader shoud you adjust to? He who reads everything you write everytime and for ever? She who dips into your well of written wisdom every now and then? Or they that jumps between periods of reading everything (or almost everything) and periods of dipping in or even not reading anything at all?

    See? The average reader… well, they are a fictive reader, like the woman who give birth to 2.21 children. And I don’t think that you write for average or fictive people either.

    So – my take (as with my own blog, for which my intention is ever so less professional than your is for yours) is that you listen to the one person you know reads everything you write: yourself. That famous gut feeling I know that you are so good at honoring. What does it tell you?


  2. Charlotte Cronquist July 6, 2020 09:39

    First of all – wonderful reflection from Sara (as usual!). And I have really been thinking about that question many times. I’ve done som blog100:s – and of course that worked. Blogging every single day for 100 days. Now and then I get this idea that once a day is to much… And during m 11 years as a blogger, I have changed strategy more than once. Now I have two series of themes. One a week I serve with a “tantratips” and every second week (or so) there is a new episode in my podcast. And then I blogg whenever I feel like it. When the urge is there. When I need to. And I do not know what’s to much or to little… and at this moment “I don’t give a damn” (famous movie-quote)

  3. Malin Lundskog July 6, 2020 19:42

    I love our brains. Their capacity of question. And requisition. And question again. From a new angle. And an old.

    And I love tat you share your questioning of your own behavior with us. Thanks. Keep it up! Every day or how ever often you feel like 😉


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