Wholehearted – Reflection November ’17

Wholehearted – Reflection November ’17

Wholehearted – Reflection November ’17

November 29, 2017
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conflicting emotionsIn the last month I’ve had been in conversations with a few loved ones into topics less often broached (by me, at the very least), such as menopause and money, desire and divorce, sex and shame. All of them topics well worth a conversation or two. Or more, lots more than two.

I am, slowly and steadily, approaching these topics, and my oftentimes conflicting emotions around them. It sure helps to have people close to me whom I can discuss them with – voicing even that which I am ashamed of, in the knowledge that it will be received with grace and tenderness. I’ve chosen wisely. My loved ones are people I trust completely.

Just writing that last sentence brings a smile to my face, and a warmth that sweeps across my insides.

How sweet it is, to sit here, knowing deep within, that I am worthy of this.
Worthy of having people close to me, worthy of loving and being loved.

It’s not always been apparent to me, this inherent worthiness, that I share with each and every soul on earth. I know it’s not apparent to many of you either. I wish you will be converted, as I’ve been, into this words-are-unnecessary-and-couldn’t-describe-it-anyway type of knowledge – and perhaps, knowing it’s possible to go from one to the other can make a difference?

Wholeheartedly, I do my very best to embrace myself, the light and the darkness, the skills that are so easily perceived, as well as the hidden potential, yet to be uncovered. It’s there. I hide it. From me. From you. But I hide less and less. And spending time with people who do the same – show up, in their full glory of humanness – is such an inspiration. It helps me. You are my role models. From you I generate strength, passion and ideas and, most importantly, you are my invaluable sounding boards, allowing me to bounce my insecurities, fears and desires off.


  1. Tess Mabon December 1, 2017 13:14

    I feel so honored to be one of your chosen ones….and it feels so good and warm to let you know that it is likewise. You are also one of my chosen ones. So a big thank you for sharing that with the universe and me 😉

    And wholeheartedly is what I aim for every day, every moment. To be as whole as possible with all of me. Fulfilled is the word I use nowadays, in this awesome fucking season with my hubby.

    Lots and lots och love and hugs from me to you <3

    • Helena Roth December 3, 2017 20:31


      You make me laugh - I can imagine fulfilled is just the word to describe your experience of this fall! :-)

      Oh, how I love you Tess - you are truly one of a kind!


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