A deep human shift

A deep human shift

A deep human shift

April 18, 2019
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At a loss for words, and at the same time wanting to get today’s blog done.
So I sit down with my laptop and let my mind go blank.

Ready to explore. In more ways than one.
Not wanting to pin it down, narrow the possibilities, limit my thinking or in any way imprison myself and what might be. Staying away from thoughts on what do I want to happen, but rather, keeping all options open, with what want’s to happen here top of mind.

One way not to limit myself is to share. When I did that in a recent conversation with my Campfire Sisters, this is what was captured by Vanessa Smith of Crafting Connection:

We post lots of pictures. The pictures are drawn from conversations we have with people.

Mostly the pictures are about us, the heart of us, even the souls of us listening to themselves find answers.

Today, I was part of one of those conversations with our lovely Campfire Sisters. We talked about and shared what it feels like to experience a deep human shift.

Letting go of what isn’t working requires that we sit in a space in between which is not always comfortable.

But as we sit there, in this new space of not knowing, we discover a whole lot more, waiting for us to engage with it.

This is what happened today in the conversation.

My lovely friend Helena Roth shared her journey and her discoveries from what happened when she STEPPED OUT OF THE SELF-MADE BOX.

What happened is in the pictures.

All this invisible stuff, I want the world to see, because it is precisely this invisible stuff that drives us and has the essence to support us transform, cross that line, and love and expand and be free to rewrite a new story.

Print the pictures, stick them on the walls around your office, in your home, wherever you need that invisible energy to support and uphold that new story in you wanting to emerge from you.

Use the pictures when you feel most uncertain, when the voices of cynicism inside or outside you belittle you and shake your trust in something better, something more beautiful, something more real!

Use the pictures to bring you home again, to love again, to start again.

With love

Crafting Connection


  1. Häxanshemslöjd April 18, 2019 19:50

    Sometimes single sentences or words are more revealing than a whole book

    • Helena Roth April 19, 2019 21:31

      Yes! And the gift is they can open so much in the observer/reader, which more words might not!

  2. Nån som jag April 18, 2019 21:04

    Trial and error. Fail, return. Develope. Life. 😊

    • Helena Roth April 19, 2019 21:31

      Day by day, minute by minute. That’s what we do. In life!

  3. Christine Lehtinen April 18, 2019 21:33

    Magic! Så inspirerande!! Vad är Campfire Sisters? Nyfiken som jag är! 🙂

    • Helena Roth April 19, 2019 21:30

      Campfire Sisters är jag och mina tre vänner, en nyazeelänska boende i Holland, en holländska och en fransyska. Vi har träffats i coachingsammanhang och för 3 år sedan drog vi igång “Campfire sisters” där vi var tredje vecka har en timmes skypesamtal… de ljuvaste av samtal, djupa, förtroeliga, inspirerande och tankeväckande. Älskar det!

  4. Charlotte April 19, 2019 12:22

    Det verkar som att du hittat ännu en soulssyster som gjort doodlande till en konstform. Glad påsk på dej och undrar om jag inte skymtade dej på Blåkulla igår 😉

    • Helena Roth April 19, 2019 21:29

      Det har jag! Och Vanessa är dessutom professionell doodlare, hon jobbar som grafisk facilitator och är fantastiskt skicklig!
      Och jo då – nog var jag där allt!


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