Advent Calendar – December 15, 2019

Advent Calendar – December 15, 2019

Advent Calendar – December 15, 2019

December 15, 2019
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A classroom at Kaewa Secondary School, a public secondary school that we visited as they were the winners of the Green Initiative Challenge in 2018.

On the blackboard – which still was an actual blackboard with chalk, something you only see at Waldorf schools in Sweden nowadays, otherwise it’s whiteboards – the schedule for the day of our visit was visible:
Something I cannot read
Something else I cannot read

Isn’t it funny, how classrooms all over the world, look the same more or less? Perhaps this classroom rather evokes memories of times long passed in Sweden; the 40s? The 50s? Something like that. But anyway, I don’t think anyone would look at this photo and miss the fact that it’s taken inside a classroom. Do you agree?

Advent Calendar for 2019: sharing pictures and stories/reflections from my trip to Kenya in June. I went to visit “my trees” and get a hands-on experience of the social entrepreneurship of the Kenyan forestry company that I buy trees through.

Full disclosure: I am proud to say I am both a customer and an ambassador for the company. If you are curious to find out more, let me know and I’ll gladly get in touch with you! Here’s my sponsored link: 


  1. Christine December 15, 2019 15:51

    Tack för att du delar med dig av din resa. Verkligen inspirerande!! <3

  2. Yvonne Bjerregaard December 15, 2019 17:36

    Visst har man suttit vid sådan skolbänkar med lock 👍. Hög igenkänning ❤

  3. Malin Lundskog December 15, 2019 19:07

    Håller helt med – kan inte vara något annat än ett klassrum det där! Fina skolbänkar! (Ryser när jag tänker på svarta tavla och gnisslet … )

    • Helena Roth December 19, 2019 13:47

      Ja, väldigt fina skolbänkar.
      Haha – du e sån du. Svarta tavlan-gnissel har aldrig bekommit mig vidare värst, men att ta i blöta glas med diskhandskar på – huuuuvaligen, ryser bara jag tänker på det!


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