What do I want? What are my needs? What’s ok, and what is not ok, for me, right now? Am I speaking up, for myself? Am I allowing that silent voice within, the wisdom, to speak? Am I listening to it?


So many questions.
A lot of thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

But boundaries?

Not so sure about that.

No. That’s not true. I am sure about it.
And I can feel a bit of resistance to accept the answer. That’s why I tried to confuse myself, by writing “not so sure about that” even when I am.

Because I am not setting clear boundaries, as I haven’t fully delved into my needs, so I don’t know what those boundaries are right now. What is it I want? What do I need, right now, in order to be gentler to myself than I ever have been before?

Close my eyes.

Exhale and listen.
What wants to happen now?