Data rights are human rights

Data rights are human rights

Data rights are human rights

August 11, 2019
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The Great Hack. On Netflix.


One of those documentaries I’d almost rather not have seen… because once seen, it’s hard to “unsee”.

Overall, I am public, I am not very considerate of my data. I put a lot of my faith of what is fair and reasonable when it comes to my data rights, to those who are technology and/or human rights and/or legal nerds in various ways, people who seem to be more wired for suspicion as well as being sticklers for the rules… but hey… After watching The Great Hack it is hammered home in no uncertain terms how extremely lazy that is of me.

It’s just… I feel so much better when I view the world from an advantage point of trust. I don’t want to turn into a person of distrust, again, as this is where I came from. The person I was before I made a huge personal transformation was as the most negative and mistrusting person I’ve ever known. And that person, I never want to become again. So how to reconcile the deliberately naive and trusting person that I am today, with the understanding that my data is most definitely for or against me, in ways I simply have no idea of. None. Nada. Zilch. How can that be done? Can it?

Our dignity as humans is at stake. But the hardest part in all of this is that these wreckage sites and crippling divisions begin with the manipulation of one individual. And another. And another. So I can’t help but ask myself: Can I be manipulated? Can you? David Carroll



  1. Malin Lundskog August 11, 2019 20:57

    Haven’t seen it. Yet. Maybe I shouldn’t?

    Anyway – I don’t want to be a mistrusting, suspiscious individual – I believe in love. AND I’m lazy 😉

    So, still on Facebook. Still public.

    • Helena Roth August 13, 2019 23:26

      I am like you. I believe in the same things, and if you look at what I’ve shared since this post (Swedish blog) you know I am staying public and not fear-driven.

      Still. It is a good documentary, and I do recommend it!

  2. Charlotte August 12, 2019 12:50

    Åh, jag får lite ont i magen. Jag vill vara naiv, tror jag. Jag vill se världen som god. Sprida kärlek.


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