Experience your experiences. Fully. Go all in. Let yourself live, love, feel.

No emotions and feelings are wrong. They just are.

Let yourself off the hook to ”feel the right things”. All those ”I should feel this”, ”I definitely shouldn’t feel that”, ”Why can’t I feel this instead”-thoughts. Ask yourself. How do they serve you, these thoughts?

What if you let yourself feel what you feel, without putting a whole lot of pressure on yourself for feeling the right or wrong things? I believe that makes for a much better place to make a conscious decision on what serves you, what the next step might or might not be, than beating yourself up for feeling the wrong thing.

Laugh, when you feel like it.funny face

Cry, when tears start to form at the corner of your eye.

Shout, when there’s a shout wanting to escape your throat.

Giggle, when you feel like a good giggle.

Make a funny face, when the urge hits you!

But yeah. Of course. Sometimes, it might not be appropriate. Then let yourself make a conscious choice to hold back. You are wise, you know when it’s ok to express your feelings and when you should refrain. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to giggle during a funeral., if the urge comes over you. But, perhaps, hold back on the giggle. You can giggle inwards, if you feel the need for it. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling what you feel. Let yourself feel whatever comes to you.

The Human Experience consists of a full rainbow of emotions and feelings. Don’t sell yourself short. Let yourself have the full human experience. That’s why we are here, as humans. To be human.