”For the wildest woman, the animus cycle of increase and decrease is natural.”

For the past… oh, five, no, seven, possibly going on ten years, I’ve had the urge to describe my experiences in terms of in and out, exhale and inhale, up and down. The way of the wave, crashing onto the beach, only to recede and gather force, to come at the beach again, and again, and again.

If you were to go through my writings, you’d find countless references like these, of me letting go, letting come, that which wants to happen.

”It is an archaic process, an ancient process. Time out of mind, it is how women approached the world of ideas and the outer manifestation of them.”

There’s a Duracell bunny within me, that can run for a long time, endlessly drumming away.
But I know, I have to let my batteries recharge now and again. Otherwise, this bunny will run dry on energy, and not be of any use to anyone.

”This is how women do it.”