A new week. Looming ahead.
Meetings. MasterMind. Guitar class. Back to school after the holidays, for the kids. Assignments and cultural events. And me. Lest I forget…

The morning ritual.

Headspace. A bit of Good Life journaling.
The morning writings, which might turn into my daily blog post.
Seven with burpees. Green smoothie.

And then.
Ready to face the world.Good Life journalingWhat I’ve been doing in the mornings though, is to also check social media. Facebook. Messages. Instagram and TinyBeans. Playing a game or two, throwing my first poke-ball of the day.

I don’t want to do it that way anymore. I want to use my morning ritual as an internal cleanse, rather than as a way of getting showered by outside stimuli.

To focus and feel.
Get clear on what my day holds, what I want to bring to it, and how it all is connected to my wellbeing – to the well of my being.

So. From now on, my morning ritual will be more intentional, in alignment with my wish to give myself space. Space to explore. To discover. To cherish and love. Space to be, to let that which wants to come, come. A way to ensure I spend time making, creating, opening up to and revelling in: My good life!