Relevance and value?

Relevance and value?

Relevance and value?

March 14, 2019
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FB Live #134 🇬🇧🇱🇷 – Courage to dare?

FB Live #134 🇬🇧🇱🇷 – Courage to dare?

Publicerat av Helena Roth Torsdag 14 mars 2019

Filming myself while reflecting, actually transmitting it live as I speak – can that really have any value?
Is it relevant at all, and if so, for whom?

Questions that popped into my question, as I was in the midst of my Live. Perhaps because this was the first live in a long time where I actually just spoke, without really knowing what I would be speaking about. I had written the title of the live Courage to dare? but didn’t have any definitive thoughts on it. Until I pressed Start livevideo. Then I found myself following the energy of the moment. Courage to dare took me for a seven-minute journey, taking twists and turns that I had not envisioned at the get-go. 

Perhaps that in itself shows some courage? Or it might just be plain dumb. 🙂
I can not speak for anyone else, so I do not claim it to be neither relevant nor having value for you. But for me it does. This type of Live is sort of like my favorite type of writing. When I put my hands to the keyboard… and all of a sudden, there are words amassing on the digital page, revealing something to me, which I didn’t know was there. And I love that! So having found yet another medium which can give me the same type of sensation as writing does, has me thinking I’ll be continuing with my Lives.

But they are very me-centered, I admit. Just like my blogging.
I blog. (For me.)
I vlog. (For me.)

Perhaps that’s why I enjoy them so much?
Because these forms of expression are a way for me to create value for myself?


  1. Mayke Vullings March 15, 2019 13:04

    I guess there is no one else but ‘me’. So if you are writing about ‘me’ you write about ‘me’. If I was more fluent in writing like you I could have written it. I admire you so much so much for what you do: putting it out there. What? That what is so innermost you. You come so close to ‘life’, no program, schedule, agenda, script between ‘me’and life. For that, you need to have balls. You have them. To step in ‘it’ to let it form itself like it wants to be formed. To surrender to this and bow your head in trust. Thanks, Helena for writing about ‘me’. Love you. Mxx

  2. Greycape March 18, 2019 20:24

    Daring to change and then have the courage to do so. Wish more people dared and then took the chance. Challenging yourself can be difficult, but in my experience it can lead to a great reward.
    Thanks for this philosophical moment !!


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