Continuing to clear out, Saturday the wardrobe, Sunday the bookcases in my bedroom and today (Monday) the bedside tables which have shelves where I had even more books…, I am reminded how good it feels.

To throw away trash. (Where d o e s it come from?)

To dust book jackets and shelves. (I know where dust comes from… but does it have to be so abundant?)

To sort out clothes I am no longer interested in (or fit in?).

To pick up book by book, and decide what to do with them. Keep books I’ve read and might want to read again, books I’ve not read and want to. Put to the side books I’ve read and want others to read, or books I’ve not read and won’t ever read.

(Garage sale on Saturday, that will be great, I have five more days to get even more sorted out for selling – and what remains I will donate.)

Cleanse for expansion.
That’s what I named my Impossible-project in 2015, and how true it is.

When I let things go… there’s room for new things to come.

The photos in the staircase.
They have to go (some. Others, perhaps another space?).
New times –since years back!– require new photos.
Letting go. Letting come.)

#tankespjärn, for those who wish to discover. More. Other. New.