So. Already we’re off and running. Three days in on the new year, the year of 2017. This year of wholehearted living. (This year of even more deliberate and intentional wholehearted living than ever before, that is.)

Today I have five scheduled meetings, all of very different tonality.
* Talking through an assignment that I will be performing in the first months of the year. Looking forward to having more clarity on what and how to do it, on the basis of a clearly voiced why.
* Sitting as a croquis model for a friend – my first ever time as an adult. My maternal grandmother was an artist, and I sat for her many times in my childhood, as the paintings and clay sculptures around the house give evidence to. But as an adult I’ve not done it, and in the nude, never. Exciting! This will have me cross off a bullet on my Bucket List already on the third day of the new year, which feels great. Bringing my vulnerability to the table will for sure be required for this one to go off as intended.
* Attending a phone conference project meeting ensuring everyone is all set for the activities planned to start Monday next week. Staying sharp and ready to ask important and sometimes uncomfortable questions, as that’s one of my roles in this assignment.
* A social media team meeting with a non-profit organization. Want to contribute with what I can, as it’s rock ‘n roll time
* The final Good Life Project ambassador zoom-call. I’ve bought and read “How to live a good life” by Jonathan Fields in the fall, and have seven more books at home (as a part of bying the ambassador-package), just waiting for me to take action on them. It’s time for me to do just that. Have had thoughts of a virtual book club, but would like to do a local one as well. Up for it?

Those are the five scheduled meetings of the day. A diverse mix of meetings, all of them requiring my presence, for varying purposes, and with me having very different roles.

intention for the dayThen there’s all the other meetings of a day. The unplanned ones.
Interacting with the kids. Hugging them good-morning and kissing them good night and everything in between.
Social media-meetings. Chat messages. Posts to comment on or share, with deliberate intention.
Smiling at strangers when out walking, riding my bike, posting a letter.

What about me bringing myself, present and loving, into each and every interaction of the day? What if I, at least, make that the intention of the day?