Time enough.

Time enough.

Time enough.

June 8, 2019
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Going home. Happy I chose the slow route. A full eight hours to let the experiences of the past two days settle within, integrate, solidify. 

Time enough for soul and body to catch up with each other. 

Time enough for mind and heart to digest the richness of these past few days. 

Time enough for me to revel in remembrance, letting my heart overflow with the joy and gratitude that comes with living life at its fullest. 


  1. Nån som jag June 8, 2019 22:47

    Jag längtar efter tillräckligt med tid. Snart sommarlov. 😊

  2. Charlotte June 12, 2019 08:34

    Åh, de där mellan-rummen, så viktiga de år. Och att inse att de är en viktig del av livet. Återhämtning. Längtar.


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