We need each other

We need each other

We need each other

April 5, 2020
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Earlier this week, I got in a Zoom-call with my newfound friend Alison Coates. We are both attending The Creative’s Workshop, and what she’s doing is the type of Nik Askew-films that I’ve been enamoured with for the past… oh, ten years at least? Possibly more? 

Today, given social distancing (oh, how I wish the correct term was physical distancing! Because that’s what it’s about, truly.), she’s experimenting with doing these films online, using Zoom, rather than meeting face to face with a camera in tow. I booked a session with her (you can do too!), and am thrilled at what she managed to do with our 45 minutes. Working out the technical kinks is an ongoing process, but doing that as she goes along is inspiring to me. Not waiting until it all works seamlessly but rather doing that which wants to be done. (And honestly, how much ever works seamlessly unless we do some type of beta-testing?)

The result – had me amazed. Grateful at jumping at the chance to play with her. And me.
Click here to view We need each other.

Oh, and as I was doing my best to do a good set-up for Alisons zoom-call/recording, I was walking around my house trying to find a spot that had
1) good lighting
2) a fairly non-messy background
3) sufficient distance to youngest kid busy playing an e-sport-tournament on his computer
… I ended up in the basement bathroom, picture-proof here:


  1. Charlotte Cronquist April 6, 2020 16:08

    Got curious – did you record anything? What did you actually learn?

    • Helena Roth April 6, 2020 20:06

      Did you check out the film?
      Because we did record. And I did learn… or at least was reminded, that there is so much there to discover, when I just sit with myself (because that is to a large extent what this work of Alisons is. She holds the space for me to safely meet me.)

  2. Sara Modig April 7, 2020 14:11

    Beautiful soul, beautiful soul sister. Thank you for sharing. Fascinating how silence can touch us. You, and through you, me. “When doing is infused with being. There’s magic”. I’ll cherish those words.


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