Why hold it in?

Why hold it in?

Why hold it in?

May 12, 2020
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Sitting at the city library in front of a gigantic wall of windows facing the park outside. It’s beautiful! Have my earphones on, with Spotify running on my computer, so as I sit here, with 45 minutes to go before I am headed to a friend, where I will be holding a webinar later tonight, I am dancing. In my chair. (Give it a few more minutes and I might not stay put…)

Ask any friend of mine, and they will tell you Oh, that’s just like her. Put on music she loves and she has no qualms at all to start to dance – and quite often sing as well – regardless of where she is. On a bus. Walking the city streets or in the park. Waiting for the train. On her bike, driving a car or… just about anywhere.

And they would be correct.
I do.
Most anywhere, regardless of the setting.

I. Just. Cannot. Help. Myself.

And, why should I? Why hold it in?

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  1. Charlotte May 13, 2020 09:13

    Just love it. I remember once in an airport, I felt like moving, jumping around. The friend I was with was stupefied. And I said, nobody knows us… and then she started to….

  2. Malin Lundskog May 13, 2020 12:24

    I knooooow! Why hold it in. I sing often when I’m on my bike. Or strolling around in the mountains … Or … actually. I tend to sing a lot. And as for you: why sit still when threes good music to move to …


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