The energy is rising

The energy is rising

The energy is rising

July 2, 2020
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The pace is picking up, the energy is rising, and more and more people are getting active again. Responding to prompts for the first time, or –as I am doing– revisiting them once more, generously (as is wont to happen in The Creative’s Workshop!) sharing insights and questions and cheerings-on in comments to prompts and dailies, engaging with others to ensure there’s ”connectability” once TCW shuts down in 8 days…

and I still don’t want it too!

And yet…
I know. I will be there, every day, until it’s over.
And I know. I will miss it dreadfully, when it does.
And I know. I need it too.
I need the break.
I need digital sabbats. For longer than I’ve been taking them these past months (barely, honestly).

The increase and decrease.
After a massive surge –not least this past month with a lot of work as well– both work and TCW are set to decrease around the same time.
A massive deadline at work in 7 days, TCW ends the day after.

Perhaps, it’s even a godsend?


  1. Sara July 2, 2020 07:56

    Yes, it’s godsent. Sent by Life itself in order to help you honor it in you. Long term. Time to let go. And just be. In that pause of stillness before the next inhalation, before the next cycle of energy in, energy out.

  2. Charlotte Cronquist July 2, 2020 16:49

    I have been in group-process several times. People go deep together, sometimes as long as 18 months. And at the last meeting there are tears, a sense of loss and all that. And we all say … we wanna meet again. And then, suddenly, it’s like it evaporates and I notice, some 15 years later, that I have connected but with a few afterwards. But that moment of goodbyes might still be painful.


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